What We Fund

As a funder with limited resources, our goal is to focus our grantmaking in the areas that will have the most long-term impact in moving Marion County toward our vision of a healthy, prosperous Marion County. To that end we focus our grantmaking in the areas of Public Education, Access to Health Services, and Workforce Development/Economic Development.

Funding Criteria and Priorities

Funding opportunities within each of these focus areas can be ample and very broad. To further focus our giving we will use the following criteria to prioritize our grantmaking.

Public Education

- Directly impacts a large number of people

- Outcome of project will better prepare the participants for future success

- Participation is open to everyone

Workforce Preparedness/Economic Development

- Assists Marion County in having a ready workforce

- Provides competitive edge in recruiting business/industry

- Has broad impact

- Directly helps with job creation

Access to Quality Health Services

- Meets unmet medical needs

- Provides access to services that might not currently exist

- Has potential for broad impact

- Provides a direct healthcare benefit

Community Goodwill

While not a focus area of giving, we recognize there are organizations, projects, programs, or other activity that we wish to support. These Goodwill programs should provide a positive benefit to the community at large. To best preserve our funds for impactful projects, Goodwill grants will be limited to Mini-grants only.

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