The Marion County Healthcare Foundation is a Health Conversation Foundation formed in 2010 with the proceeds of the sale of the Marion County Medical Center. 


The foundation uses its resources to improve the quality of life in Marion County via grants and scholarships to deserving individuals and organizations. A 12 member Board of Directors has authority and responsibility for the business affairs of the foundation. The day to day operations are overseen by an Executive Director.

All funds are used exclusively for charitable purposes to provide grants to organizations established as 501.C.3 non-profit, or governmental agencies. Financial institutions and investment firms are used for long-term performance to invest our assets. Our board sets investment policies and monitors performance with help from our investment committee and investment advisors. An independent accounting firm audits our accounts annually.


What We Do and Why

About the Foundation


Our vision is a healthy and prosperous Marion County.
About the Foundation


The Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes including, but not limited to, for such purposes of making distributions to organizations, which qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501. (c). (3) of the IRS revenue code.
About the Foundation


Our mission is to develop partnerships and fund innovative projects that improve the quality of life for residents of Marion County. We do this by focusing our funding in the areas of access to quality healthcare, public education, and workforce and economic development.
About the Foundation

Foundation Focus Areas

As a grant funder our goal is to focus our grant-making in the areas we feel will have the most long term impact moving us toward our vision of a healthy and prosperous Marion County. To that end, we will focus our Community Impact Grants on the following areas: -Education -Access to Health Services -Workforce Preparedness and Economic Development All of these areas important social determinants of a community's overall health and the quality of life for its residents.
Committed to Caring for the Community