Annual Reports

Take a look at the Marion County Healthcare Foundation Annual Report to get a recap of the year.

2013 Marion County Healthcare Foundation Annual Report

Marion County Farmers Market to get new banners

Historic Marion Revitalization Association will use its grant reward of $4,125 to help pay for banners that will be displayed at the Marion County Farmers Market. In addition to the banners, the money will go towards newspaper advertising and a billboard advertising the farmers market.
The City of Marion's Historic Marion Revitalization Association, works with the City of Marion and the Marion Chamber of Commerce to ensure the master plan developed for the Historic downtown is carried out. The organization is committed to leading the revitalization of downtown Marion, making it a desirable place to live and work. The future of Marion depends on building a community that provides a higher quality of life for its citizens.
“We are very excited to receive this money that will help reestablish our farmers market,” said Chuck Wiegert, Historic Marion Revitalization Association. “We need to get the word out that the Marion County farmers market offers good organic food at good prices to help our citizens live a healthier life.”


Investment Program

How We Manage Our Investments
At the Marion County Healthcare Foundation, we take our fiduciary responsibilities seriously. In order to ensure proper oversight of our assets we have a multi-tiered system investment management system:

Our Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility to oversee the prudent investment of our assets. Our Board of Directors is composed of prominent community leaders with expertise in finance, law, business, education, religion, medicine, the nonprofit sector and other fields that bring critical knowledge to the operations of the Healthcare Foundation.

Our Finance Committee monitors our investment performance and activity regularly. This highly qualified group meets on a regular basis, generally monthly, and among its various responsibilities recommends fiscal policies to the Board including specific policies relating to the Foundation's investments.

The Marion County Healthcare Foundation Investment Policy specifies the long-range investment goals such as generating ample income to protect and grow principal while generating an annual "payout" to cover grants, fees, operations and surpass inflation. The Policy also provides guidelines for asset allocation such as regular rebalancing and diversification to maintain a defined mix of certain asset classes (equities, fixed income, cash, etc.).

If you have questions about how we manage our investments that have not been answered in this section, please click here to contact us for more information.

Audited Statement

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