Community Impact Grant Application

Community Impact Grant Cycle for 2018

Community Impact Grants, those greater than $5,000, will be accepted and reviewed on a quarterly basis.  Community Impact grant applications received and completed by the deadline of a cycle will be reviewed and responded to during that cycle.   Grant applications received past a cycle deadline will be reviewed during the subsequent cycle.   The Community Impact grant cycle for 2018 is:

•Cycle 1-January-March. Cycle deadline February 12, 2018
•Cycle 2-April-June. Cycle deadline May 14, 2018
•Cycle 3-July-September. Cycle deadline August 13, 2018
•Cycle 4- October-December. Cycle deadline November 12, 2018

Click on the link below, download the application to your computer.  Fill the application out and either print and mail, or email a copy to the Marion County Healthcare Foundation at 

Community Impact Grant Application - Click here to download